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I create art and design through multiple mediums and showcase them on my blog site.

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Jewelry Making
Bullet Journal
Nail Art
Hair Styles
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MadeItMikayla is about being drawn to multiple interests and being unable to choose just one. Exploring many different ways to be creative and having passion for designing and making are what drive inspiration. Jewelry making, designing, painting, and arts and crafts are some key topics and interests.

Mikayla is currently a senior in the BFA Graphic Design Program with a Studio Art minor at San Jose State University. She aspires to have a creative career and hopes to inspire others with her bold and vibrant colors, her love for nature and sustainability, and her drive to keep trying new and different artful activities.

All photos and pieces are made by Mikayla.


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Here you will find stories and experiences about my life and interests.
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Thanks for visiting my website! Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments using the form below. Or email me at madeitmikayla@gmail.com.

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